Local Investment with a Global Impact.

With the proposed 2024 groundbreaking, the estimated construction timeline for is 36 months during PHASE 1. PHASE 2 construction is currently planned to overlap with PHASE 1, but is entirely dependent on the customer market. PHASE 2 is intended to be in commercial operation approximately six months following the completion of PHASE 1 — peaking at 2,500 construction workers.

permanent full-time jobs
average salary + benefits
amount of CO2 captured in the production process
2+ M
tonnes per year per facility of CO2 emissions captured
Community Engagement

Hope St. Rose Initiative.

Hope St. Rose is a community engagement initiative driven by IMTT and St. Charles Clean Fuels in partnership with local community and educational organizations. The mission of Hope St. Rose is to develop and implement a program that gives hope, provides opportunity awareness to youth, has a systemic impact on quality of life, and leads directly to prosperous careers in underserved communities in St. Rose.

Reduced emissions
HSE commitment