Bright futures driven by the future of energy.

Together, we all
have work to do.

Local hiring with leadership to create programs for job readiness.

Jobs/Average Salary and Benefits
The facility will create over 200 permanent, full-time jobs. The average salary for these jobs will be between $80,000 and $90,000 per year, in addition to benefits. This excludes indirect and induced jobs (direct facility services providers, general regional jobs such as restaurants and car dealers).

200 full-time jobs
$80k - $90k range

Local Hiring
New industrial facilities almost always promise to hire locally. SCCF has already taken this commitment to another level. SCCF is already working with IMTT, the St. Charles Parish President, Council, and School Board, River Parishes Community College, Associated Builders and Contractors St. Rose Training Center, the United Way of St. Charles, and the Ed Reed Foundation, creating a program to ensure job readiness first for individuals in the St. Rose community and more broadly in St. Charles Parish.  

St. Charles Clean Fuels is intent on this effort producing real and life changing results for St. Rose and St. Charles Parish individuals and families. No empty promises!

Locals First
Local Vendor & Supplier Utilization

Supply chains with shared goals.

Local matters when making local supply chains a priority.

St. Charles Clean Fuels will require a multitude of local service providers. When possible, we will always prioritize a local supply chain. Throughout the construction process, SCCF will work with our Contractor and their subcontractors to seek out local supply chain opportunities. This can include potentially splitting purchase orders to stay within the local supplier capacity.

Longer term, the SCCF plant operations and maintenance philosophy will be to maximize the use of qualified local suppliers and service providers in support of its facility needs.  

Community Support

Progress takes listening and action.

SCCF will establish a local project interface office dedicated to community engagement. Our senior leadership team will frequently be in the community to engage with civic leaders, residents, businesses, and other stakeholders including schools, fire departments, police, sheriffs, elected officials, and all interested parties.  

St. Charles Clean Fuels seeks wide community support and recognizes it needs to earn that support through open and transparent communications, accountability, and personal availability. We believe our enterprise to be a significant benefit to the community and a shift into the future of clean fuels and clean fertilizer production can benefit both the regional community as well as the global energy needs.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Equality with everyone in mind.

Diversity reflective of the community with equity and inclusion is a part of our mission.

DEI is a core belief. SCCF is a minority formed organization, with a diverse team of professionals. The company intends to grow its business in such a manner, remaining reflective of the community in which it operates.

Let’s work together.

Because together, we all have work to do.
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