Zero Global Warming Potential

The future of energy.

As we strive for a cleaner, carbon-free future, we turn to a long history of safe production and distribution both in Louisiana and around the world. Together, carbon free hydrogen and ammonia will have zero-global warming and zero-ozone depletion potential.


Moving fuel forward.

Historically, most of the ammonia produced globally has been used in the fertilizer industry due to its high available nitrogen content. Nitrogen is essential for plants to grow abundantly. Ammonia can be directly injected into the ground as a liquid or used to produce granular fertilizers such as urea. Twenty (20) percent of the world’s current food production (food for over 1.5 billion people) is a direct result of ammonia fertilizers.


A Carbon free future.

Concerns over greenhouse gases, carbon emissions, and climate change have grown. Ammonia is now being seen as an important carbon-free fuel for power plants, shipping, and as a carrier of hydrogen. Ammonia contains substantial amounts of hydrogen in a form that is easily stored and can be transported globally.